Covid is real

by | Aug 24, 2020 | BLOG

The sports world continues to muddle along, struggling with Covid’s refusal to go away. For example, I read on Sunday that Major League Baseball has not had a full slate of games since July 26. Games have been postponed because of Covid outbreaks, rain or both. In my home state of Connecticut, meanwhile, there is a battle going on, involving high school sports.

Clueless Dan
In Connecticut, the overseer of scholastic sports is the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference, or CIAC. Within that body are various boards. One board ruled to cancel the football season. Another board said play the games. Now everything is on hold, as the CIAC, getting pushback from parents and other groups, decides on what to do. Throw in the students, who want to play, and your have the makings of a controversy.

From my perspective what decision is there? The Connecticut Department of Public Health, Dr. Fauci, doctors from Yale and elsewhere have explained the risks inherent with Covid and football. I say cancel the season.

My viewpoint has been challenged by some on Twitter as being “clueless.” Well, count me among the clueless then for siding with Dr. Fauci and experts whose opinions are grounded in years of education and experience in such matters.

As I pointed out on Twitter, one need only look to Danbury, where Covid is making a comeback. The mayor has put a hold on all sports leagues, closed down boating by outsiders on Candlewood Lake and taken other steps to halt the spread of the virus. Meanwhile, in Bridgeport and New Haven, city officials are not waiting for any CIAC ruling. They have ordered no high school football. I’m guessing Danbury will follow suit.
And if the experts who deem me “clueless” for calling for the cancellation of high school football are so sure the virus won’t spread, how come a very limited number of spectators will be permitted, if high school football is played?

I am a big high school football fan, who also broadcasts high school games on the radio. But we need a reality check here. As much as I want the games to be played, the reality is Covid is not going away anytime soon. And if school districts are implementing a hybrid system, whereby students will spend some days in an actual classroom and other days at home, for health reasons, how can you be staging high school athletics in the fall, especially football?

In nearby Massachusetts, high school football has already been cancelled. Connecticut should do the same. If that makes me “clueless,” than count me among the clueless.