I’m rooting for Condoleezza Rice for Browns coach

by | Nov 19, 2018 | BLOG

So the story broke on Sunday that former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice may be interviewed for the Cleveland Browns head coaching position.  Not only do I hope she interviews, I hope she gets the job.   The fact she might even be interviewed makes her the first female to be considered for a head coaching job in the NFL.

I believe that if the Browns think she checks all of the boxes to meet their qualifications as the club’s next coach, they should hire her.  Simple as that.

I am not going into Rice’s resume.  I’ll leave that for those conducting the interview.  But she loves football, loves the Browns and most importantly is a leader.  For those who say this is a publicity stunt being promoted by the club to gain attention, I say hogwash.  The Cleveland Browns were once a storied franchise, whose name still resonates beyond the most ardent fans.  In other words, they don’t need to pull publicity stunts to gain attention.  They just need to win games.

If a woman can do the job, as a player, coach, manager, broadcaster, etc., she should be permitted to participate at an equal level in a “man’s” game.  In other words, count me among those who believe, if a woman has the skills to participate in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, etc., she should be allowed admission.  And she should be signed to perform at equal or more pay.

It seems the NBA is on the front lines in this debate, with a female assistant coach and other females working in administrative positions throughout the league.  And at the very least, Rice could end up working in the Browns’ front office, although I am rooting for her as head coach.

This Neanderthal thinking of a woman cannot participate in a high profile position in a game dominated by men needs to be swept under the rug.  And the notion that she would be a female giving direction to men also needs to be buried.  If it’s okay for a man to coach women’s basketball, then it should be okay for a woman to coach men’s football.

Good luck in your interview, Condi.  And I hope you get the job,

P.S. Nov. 19- Since I wrote this, the Browns and Rice have both denied she is under consideration for the head coaching position, but it does not change my opinion, that if a woman wants to be involved in a man’s game, she should be given the opportunity.