Josh McDaniels must say “yes”

by | Jan 19, 2021 | BLOG

Josh McDaniels must say “yes,” if he is offered the job as the next coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. Word is McDaniels is the front runner for the position, after a lengthy interview with the Eagles pooh-bahs on Sunday. Saying “no” to a job offer would probably end his dreams of once again becoming an NFL head coach.

McDaniels, currently OC of the New England Patriots, has had two successful tenures as an assistant on coach Bill Belichick’s staff, but was a flop as head coach of the Denver Broncos. Following his successful resurrection, McDaniels annoyed numerous people when he backed out of the Indianapolis Colts head coaching post, after agreeing to take the job.

The NFL is trending toward younger assistant coaches for new head coaching hires, almost making the 44-year-old McDaniels older than he is. These days, it’s not often you get a second chance. There is no way McDaniels can say “no” to a third opportunity.



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