Sports magnates read polls too

by | Nov 17, 2022 | BLOG

If you own or operate a sports franchise, you are as cognizant of polls as the most prolific political observer. The Associated Press, in collaboration with Princeton University, has produced a survey on how Generation Z and Millennials consume their news and what interests them. Sports is way down the list.

All sports are encompassed in the survey. But if you were to break it down, it is why everything baseball gears is toward the younger generation. It is no coincidence that the low-rated, just concluded World Series had a majority of it audience at 55 years of age and older. And don’t kid yourself; the NFL, NBA and NHL are also taking notice. College is also a part of this landscape. Haven’t you noticed the empty seats at many big college basketball venues? I have. It is a big reason why betting on sporting events is so heavily promoted.

Look for all sports to continue the trend of marketing to a younger generation.