Treasure trove for Red Sox fans

by | Feb 4, 2021 | BLOG

You Tube has become a treasure trove for Boston Red Sox fans, especially those who remember the Red Sox of the 1960s. A search through You Tube will reveal numerous segments of old Red Sox telecasts. You can hear Ken Coleman, Ned Martin and Mel Parnell describing the action.

There are several facets I find fascinating about the telecasts, including how technologically advanced the coverage was for the 1960s. By this time, instant replay had become a regular part of the telecasts and camera placement throughout the ballpark was more than adequate.

Below is a segment of a 1969 game, as the Red Sox hosted the Seattle Pilots. That in itself is a story because ’69 was the only season the Pilots existed, before moving to Milwaukee. During this clip, you will note Tommy Harper of the Pilots was caught stealing third base. Harper would later go on to play for the Red Sox. Arguing the “out” call was third base coach Frank Crosetti. Yes, that is the same Crosetti, who won all those World Series rings with the New York Yankees, as a player and coach.

After spending decades with the Yankees, Crosetti, from California, wanted to return closer to home and took the job with the expansion Pilots. When the club moved on, Crosetti called it a career, although he regularly visited the Yankees, when they played in Oakland. Enjoy!