Yankees went Hollywood sixty years ago

by | Aug 27, 2021 | BLOG

The New York Yankees went Hollywood sixty years ago this week. In the midst of the historic home run race between teammates Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris, as the two chased Babe Ruth’s then single-season home run mark of 60, the Bronx Bombers were in Los Angeles to play the expansion Los Angeles Angels.

While the Bombers squared off at LA’s Wrigley Field – the home of the Angels and the TV series “Home Run Derby” – August 22 to 24, Mantle, Maris and Yogi Berra went to Revue Studio to tape a small part in the movie “Touch of Mink.” The flick starred Cary Grant and Doris Day. It included a scene, where Grant grants Day one of her wishes, sitting in the Yankees dugout at Yankee Stadium. It results in Day getting into an argument with the umpire and leading to the ejection of the Yankee trio. You can watch the scene below. The movie was released in 1962.

By the way, the Yankees lost two of three to the Angels.